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Los Altos Robotics FLL Kit Program - 2006 Holding

The Los Altos Robotics FLL Kit Program provides leasing, spare parts and consulting.

Robotics Kit Coordinator and Leasing: Tom Sartor KitsTransparent blue at with underline for hiding email addresses.LosAltosRobotics.Org

Because of the introduction of the new NXT robot kits, we are still sorting out how we are going to deal with kit leasing for the 2006 season. Michael Schuh, August 29, 2006.

Our Goals are to

  • Help teams navigate the high equipment cost barrier for starting a new team.
  • Provide a way to help teams acquire their own kits over a 2 year period.
  • Help teams deal with failed components such as the RCX.
  • Have a plan that encourages teams to donate kits back after they are done with the FLL program.

How it works

One of the roles of the Los Altos FLL Board of Directors is robotics kit coordinator. Coaches and team managers may contact that person for:

  • Kit support and questions.
  • Renting a kit for a cost equivalent to its purchase with the ability to get a partial refund if the kit is returned by August 1 of the following year. The terms for this "rental" are different for the RCX and NXT kits and are provided below.
  • Help in getting replacement parts for lost pieces by using old kits and by buying spare parts from LEGO and secondary sources.

More details for the 2006 season will be available soon. Michael Schuh, August 29, 2006.

Buying spare parts is pretty easy on the web. You may want to email the kit coordinator first to see if he can help you, especially if you need it right away.

  • is a great source of used and new parts.  You can buy individual parts from many different vendors that have store fronts at the Brick Links site.  This is a great place to buy replacement parts.
  • is where we buy the kits from.  They sell sets with a variety of parts and bags with 10 to 100 of the same parts in them.  They also sell individual motors, sensors, and other big parts.

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