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File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p4_Scrimmage_SCORES_Oak.xls
Excel Score sheet for Oak Avenue October 16, 2005 Scrimmage. It has all of the scores.
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation Scrimmage_Certificates_v05p3.ppt
Oak School Scrimmage_Certificates_v05p3.ppt
File PDF document covington match results.pdf
covington match results.pdf
File PDF document CovingtonTeamResults.pdf
File PDF document CovingtonScrimmageScores.pdf
File PDF document LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p4_Scrimmage_SCORES_Oak.pdf
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p13_OakLocalFinal.xls
Local Competition Oak School Excel Spread Sheet.
File PDF document LosAltosLocal19Nov2005FinalAwardsAndScoresOak.pdf
Local Competition Final Results for Oak Avenue School. Updated on 11/22/05 to show tie for first place for the Teamwork Award. Schuh.
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation LocalComp_Certificates_v05p5.ppt
Local Competition Certificates for Oak Avenue School event.
File PDF document LosAltosLocal19Nov2005FinalAwardsAndScoresCovington.pdf
Local Competition Results for Covington School
File PDF document NominateVolunteer_Forms.pdf
Outstanding Volunteer Awards and Outstanding Young Mentor Awards were given out for the same people at both tournaments. Here are the nomination forms for these awards.

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