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This is where we archive the results for our 2008 season.
Tournament Schedule and Awards
The Los Altos Robotics scrimmage and tournament are being held at Blach Intermediate School. Last year we changed from two sites to one larger site. The events will be fast-paced to accommodate all the matches in an afternoon of exciting competition.
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet 08 Scrimmage Scoring actual.xls
08 Scrimmage Scoring actual.xls
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet 08 scrimmage scores.xls
08 scrimmage scores.xls
File PDF document Scrimmage Team Scores 08.pdf
Scrimmage Team Scores 08.pdf
File PDF document Scrimmage match list 08.pdf
Scrimmage match list 08.pdf
File PDF document Scrimmage Ranked Scores 08.pdf
Scrimmage Ranked Scores 08.pdf
2008 Final Results
2008 Final Results for Los Altos FLL Tournament
File Microsoft Word Document Scrimmage Handout 08 p4.doc
Scrimmage Handout 08 p4.doc
File PDF document LAR-TournamentTeams-2008-v5.pdf
Tournament team list showing which schools team members go to, their grades, and experience.
File PDF document Scrimmage-Handout-08-p4.pdf
File PDF document Tournament Handout 2008
This PDF file provides information on the Los Altos Robotics Local Competition to be held on Nov. 23 at Blach Intermediate school. It contains detailed schedules, map, and rules.
File PDF document LAR-24-team-schedule-2008-v3.pdf
Competition schedule showing when teams compete at the tables and when they are judged.
File HTML 2008Nov23LosAltosCompetitionScoresNoZeros.html
Match scores showing mission by mission scores for Nov 23, 2008 Los Altos competition. All of the zero scores have been replaced by blanks to make the viewing easier.
Final Results 2008
Final Results 2008
File HTML 2008Nov23LosAltosCompetitionScores.html
Match scores showing mission by mission scores for Nov 23, 2008 Los Altos competition.
File PDF document OfficialLosAltosTournament2008-details.pdf
Local Competition match scores with missions completed.
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet OfficialLosAltosTournament2008.xls
Scoring spread sheet from Steve Putz from Nov 23, 2008 Local Competition. It has scores for all of the matches. Thank you Steve Putz!
File PDF document OfficialLosAltosTournament2008-matches.pdf
Local Competition match scores showing the team names and their scores for each match.
File PDF document OfficialLosAltosTournament2008-scores.pdf
Local Competition score summary for all the teams sorted by highest score first.
Local Competition Certificates
Certificates for the Local Competition. Thank you Derek Witte.

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