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msg: judges: thank you after tournament

This message sent AS SOON after the tournament as possible to thank the judges and request their feedback. Also to invite them to help the northern california organizers.
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 10:30 PM
Subject: Thank You Judges
We want to thank each of you for the great job you did at Saturdays
Local Competitions. They were both a big success.

It is really a very hard job that we did, at each tournament we had 11 or 12 teams
evaluated by 7 or 8 judges in about 2 hours. And each team squeezed in 4 competition
matches as well. And all of this with about an hour of training for the judges.

Between the 2 venues there were 41 awards given and 8 teams were selected to advance to the Northern California State Competition.
It could not have happened without your help and support.

I also want the thank Amy Chiang and Derek Fenson for all their help
getting the teams and judges to the right place at the right time.
They helped to smooth out any problems with the schedule.

The competitions were a success, Thanks to ALL of you.

Can you reply to me with any comments that you have about the judging or the competition? 
    Can you compare it with similar things you have done before? 
    Do you have any suggestions of how to improve? 
    Did you have fun? 
    Would you be willing to participate in this kind of event again?
If you have comments that you would like to direct to the
tournament directors or to the Los Altos Robotics organization, you can use
these email addresses:
    North Tournament Director: Tim Burks,
    South Tournament Director: Michael Schuh,
    Los Altos Robotics Chairman: Edmond Macaluso,
The result of Saturdays tournaments are on-line at:
Some team photos are at:
And you can see information about the Northern California State Competition at:
If you had fun and would like to help put on other tournaments, they have
a link for Volunteers and links to additional tournaments in this area that
lead up to the Northern California State Competition.

With kind regard,
Dave Lordemann & Eitan Fenson
Los Altos Robotics
Judge Advisors - Los Altos Competitions

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