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Notes used in planning

There are currently 27 teams (11-oct-06) that will need to be judged in the 2006 season. This is up from 23 teams in 2005. To divide the work, the teams will be collected into a North and South Local Competition.

We will want the judging and scoring to be similar if not identical between the 2 competitions.

The 2004 Local Competition had 17 teams, we used 9 judges to accomplish the judging. We also had the Judge Advisor and 2 assistants that tried to keeps things moving and keep the judges and teams on schedule. Several judges worked as teams, each judging session lasted about 10 minutes:

  • Design Judging: 2 judges as a team at a table in the judges room, they interviewed the teams together and one judge evaluated design innovation and the other did robust design.
  • Programming: 2 judges as a team, together they interviewed each team in the "pit" area. then they collaborated on the evaluation.
  • Research Project & Teamwork: 3 judges worked together at a table in the judges room and together they recorded their evaluations. for teams that actually had a research project, the time was a little to short.
  • Judges Choice/Gracious Professionalism: one experienced judge that was free to watch they teams in the "pit"s and on the competition floor. The judges goal was to identify teams that deserved recognition.
  • Team Spirit: one judge that was free to observer the teams in any area. The judges goal was to identify teams that deserved recognition.

After the Local Competition, I solicited feedback from the judges. I received a few comments:

  • they liked working in teams
  • the judges didn't get to see much of the competition, they would like to see video

items to be worked:

  • somehow identify the rookie teams (perhaps an email to the coaches asking for then to self identify as rookies)
  • simplify the handling of paperwork by the judges
  • rookie teams identified on the nomination form for the judges/referees
  • try and get all volunteer recognition nominations before the competitions, so that all that is needed is to hand them out. How to keep Northern and Southern separate
  • simplify the judges time management, the judging schedule and the teams competition schedule need to try and keep synchronized. plan for how to avoid or handle any sync problems that come up. Is there anyway to provide a helpful timer?

Time Line

apx 09-Oct-05send email to potential judges, invite them to the local scrimmages, offering to answer any questions then.
16-Oct-05Two Scrimmages held
19-Nov-05Two Local Competitions
14-Jan-06Northern California State Competition, San Jose

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