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msg: prompting profile

This message was sent to coachs and managers for teams that need the FLL team profile updated. Many teams have completed registrations and paid all fees, but some have not. This message was sent about 1 week before the scrimmage with subject: "Robotics Teams: team Profile needed"

Hi Coaches and Managers of teams:
4500 Tooners
4742 Burger Bots
5200 E H Robosmarts

Only one week to go before the scrimmages on October 15th! It is going to be great fun.

Your team has only one more thing to do to finish your registration.

As of Friday your team's FLL Profile had not been finished. It is easy to do.
All you need is your team number and the password for the FLL web site.

When you have them, go to this page:
and follow the steps to complete the team profile.

If you have problems filling out your team profile, it is best that you contact FIRST for help by sending an email to or calling 1-800-871-8326.

If that doesn't work out, please contact me.

The Scrimmage is always a lot of fun, even if your team doesn't score many points.
They will learn a lot about how a tournament works and how the other teams are
doing things.

See you there!

Dave Lordemann
Judge Advisor for Los Altos Competitions.
650 968-4026

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