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judge advisor work

Items that need to be done by the judge advisor/head judge. This year there are 2 tournaments.

Reserve a room for judging at the school, with tables and chairs. The tournament director will have reserved the multi purpose room for the field activities and the pit areas, but you will probably need additional space for judging activities. Reserving space means filling out a form at the school office and then the school principle and school board review it before granting the use. Try to get a room as close as possible, it should be big enough for 2 judging stations with enough separation so they don't interfere with each other.

Even with only 11 or 12 teams, the competition area is quite noisy, so at Oak we have reserved Room 19 for 2 judging stations and as a place to have judges training while the competition area is being setup. Competition setup starts at 12:30.

Here are my ideas about how we can run Judging at the tournaments.

At Oak, I have requested Room 19 for 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. I expect to have the judges arrive by noon for the
judges meeting, to be ready for judging rounds starting at 1:35 PM. I will request a play field from the tournament director, to be available before noon in the judging room.

The judges meeting will include:
- divide the judging responsibilities among the judges that
show up.(last year, all judges showed up, great)
- explain the score sheets and judging rubrics/guidelines
- hand out schedules, score sheets, pens, clip boards, etc.
- talk about staying on schedule, bathroom breaks, etc.
- demonstrate the RIS and Robolab programing environments for
the programming judges.
- show the judges the play field and go over what
the missions are.
- etc.

My current view is that judging at Oak will work like this:
- a team of 2 mechanical design judges in Room 19,
one will score the robust design and the other
the innovative design. these judges will need a
play field so that teams can use the field
when answering the judges questions.
- a team of 2 or 3 judges for the research project
and for teamwork in Room 19.
many younger teams don't have a research project,
so they spend more time on teamwork.
- a team of 2 programming judges that will be scheduled
to meet each team at their table in the pit area.
together these judges will fill in the score sheet.
- one judge on the competition floor, evaluating team spirit
and nominating teams for the team spirit award
- one judge on the competition floor, nominating teams for the
Gracious Professionalism award, using the
"Gracious Professional Award Rubric"

Each judge will have a "personal score sheet" to use to nominate teams for the un-scored awards: Against All Odds, Rookie of the year, Judges choice award (and any more that we want to add).

As Judge Advisor, you shouldn't be responsible for any evaluations of the teams. You will need to be monitoring the synchronization of the competition schedule and the judging schedule. If we get very far off of schedule, the only way to realign is to delay the closing parts of the tournament. At Oak I will have, one or two volunteers to help teams get headed off to the judging area when it is their time and to help get the teams to their tables for the
programing judges.

At the end of the judging, you will need to get all of the scores verified and delivered to the score keeper
for data entry. You will also build the preliminary list of the award winners for the un-scored awards:
Judges Choice, Rookie of the Year, Against all Odds, etc.

Since all of the judging will be over at this point, you can release the judges. They can go and view the last competition round, or they may leave. You may want to ask one or two judges to stay and help you announce the awards
during the awards ceremony.

Once the final competition scores are in, the score keeper and tournament director will be able know which teams will take 1st place for:
Director's Award, Robot Performance, High Score,
Design, programming, Research and Teamwork awards.

I think that we want to have a rule like: any team that has taken 1st place in the above categories, is not eligible for the un-scored awards. So the judge advisor with the tournament director will review your preliminary list and remove the 1st place award winners. This will be the final award list.

The tournament director will start the award ceremony and at the appropriate time hand the microphone to you. There is a helpful script for the awards part, last year I was to tired to make use of it.

Then clean up the judging room, get the play field back to the tournament director and lock up.

I have the judging material from last year (score sheets, rubrics) and I have requested this year's material from FIRST. When I get it I will make a 1st cut at putting it in usable form and then send it out for review.
I don't expect to receive it until early November.

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