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msg: coaches: attendance & rookie teams

Ask for a reply from each team, ask if they intend to come and for a statement of rookie team status.

Hi Teams,

We are getting ready for the Los Altos FLL tournaments
to be held Saturday, November 19, 2005.

It is going to be a lot of fun.

We are in the process of scheduling both the North and South tournaments.

Some teams have had changes and might be attending other tournaments instead of our Los Altos tournaments.

Can each team please reply to me with 2 items of information?

1) is your team a rookie team (yes/no)

You are a rookie team if all of your team members are new to
FIRST Lego League this year. If any member has been on a
FLL team in any previous year, then you are NOT a rookie team.

2) is your team planning to attend a Los Altos tournament (yes/no)

if you tell us NO, it means you give up your right to participate and
allow us to remove your team from the schedule.

Please reply so that I can confirm you are getting coaches emails.

Dave Lordemann
Judge Advisor
650 968-4026

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