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msg: volunteer nomination

send this form to the tigerbots list with the subject: "FLL Volunteer Awards for the Local Competition"
Our FLL Local Competitions are about a week away.
During the awards ceremony we have an opportunity to recognize some of
the volunteers that have helped make this session happen.
If you have someone in mind who has made a special
contribution, please use the attached form to make a nomination.
The form has some suggested titles for the awards, if your Nominee's
contribution doesn't seem to fit within these titles, create your own title.
You nomination must be received by the end of the day on Wednesday November 16, 2005,
to be considered for an award at the competition.
If you know that your Nominee will be at either the North or South tournament
then indicate that by adding North or South after their name.
- You can submit your nominations
   electronically by emailing the forms to
- If you wish, you can FAX a form to 650-960-3896.
- Or you can just send it in a plain old text message and
  I will transcribe it to a form.
We are looking forward to seeing you all at the competition.
Dave Lordemann
Los Altos Robotics
Judge Advisor / Los Altos Competition
650 968-4026

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