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msg: teams: judging at the tournament

message sent to teams, outlining the judging process and with the TeamIntroduction form attached. use a subject like "TEAMS: Judging at Tournaments Next Saturday" This message should be sent 2 weeks ahead so that teams have time to take a photograph to include with the teamintroduction form
Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2005 9:06 PM
Subject: TEAMS: Judging at Tournaments Next Saturday

Attachments: TeamIntroductionForm_2005v01.doc
Coaches & Teams:
We hope you are all looking forward to having fun at your tournament!
Reading this entire message will help you and your team have a better
judging experience at your tournament
The tournaments will be a somewhat different then the scrimmage.
Your matches are pre-assigned and the match times are scheduled.
You will receive a copy of the schedule at or before the tournament.
The tournament will include a judging component. Judges will
observe and interview your team members. Some of the judging activities are
scheduled meetings with your team.
It will be your team's responsibility to get to each of your events on time.
If you find any problem in your schedule, alert the Head Judge or
the Tournament Director for your tournament.
North Tournament:
    Tournament Director: Tim Burks
    Head Judge :            Eitan Fenson
South Tournament:
    Tournament Director: Michael Schuh
    Head Judge :            Dave Lordemann
The Judges are interested in learning what the team members have to say.  Coaches and Parents can watch as long as the team members do all of the talking or the adults will be asked to leave.
There will be three scheduled judging events for each team, each event
will be no more than 8 minutes:
    Programming: in your "pit" area
            your team should be prepared to show it's programs to
            the judges, either on your computer or as printed listings.
    Robot design: in the judging room
            take your robot and any additional pieces that they use in
            the competition (the pieces you take to each match).
            you should have a box or container to safely carry your robot.
    Team/Presentation: in the judging room
            this session is the time for the team to present their research project.
            many teams have not worked on this, if your team doesn't have a
            presentation just alert the judge. In which case the judge will focus
            on the teamwork aspects.
The Technical and Teamwork/Presentation Judging sessions will be held in
a quite area located in a separate judging room. This room is a 2 minute 
walk away, there will be signs to guide you. The team should
bring their robot and any additional pieces that they use in the
competition (the pieces you take to each match), and any materials
they wish to use in presenting their research project.
Teams will be able to do both judging sessions in one trip.
Teams will get 8 minutes for each of these Judging sessions.
Attached is a Team Introduction Form, the coach/team should fill it out
and bring 4 copies to the competition. Attaching a team photo can help
the judges remember your team.
We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the competition.
Dave Lordemann
Los Altos Robotics
Judge Advisor / Los Altos Competition
650 968-4026

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