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documents & forms

File Microsoft Word Document form: nominate volunteer
File Microsoft Word Document guide: teamspirit & professionalism
File Microsoft Word Document guide: research project
File Microsoft Word Document guide: teamwork
File Microsoft Word Document team form: team comment
This form is printed and copies left at the sign-in table and in the judging area. Teams can use this to comment on problems or issues seen during the tournament. They must deliver them to the Head Judge or the Tournament Director for consideration.
File Microsoft Word Document guide: robot design & programming
The same judging guide for both the inovative robot design and the programming judges. The guide is a little weak for the programming judges.
File Microsoft Word Document judges form: nominate against all odds
This form is provided to each of the judges. If the see a team that is a candidate for this award, the judge fills out the form and gives it to the Head Judge for consideration.
File Microsoft Word Document team form: team introduction
This form is distributed before the tournament. Teams can fill it out and make copies to be handed to each judging panel. It is an opertunity for the team to talk about themselves. Many times the judges are to busy to look at them, and not all teams bring them.
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet score sheets
This Excel file has pages for each of the score sheets. For a 12 team tournament, I printed 18 copies of Teamwork, Robot Design, Programming, Research Project score sheets. And then 3 copies of the Gracious Prof. and Teamspirit score sheets. NOTE for next year: some parts of the forms don't show very well when printed in just black&white, print some tests to pick better colors that print better as b&w. SCORING NOTE for next year: the scheme to compress the raw scores into a range of 0 to 10, minimizes differences between the socres, leading to ties between teams. We should change to using a percentage or just the raw score to preserve or magnify differences between the teams.
File Microsoft Word Document award script
Partial script for the awards distributon, THIS SCRIPT NEEDS MORE WORK. We need to do a much better job of this, in 2005 the head judge had this script, but in the confusion, it couldn't be found during the awards distribution. Maybe it could be printed on different color paper to make it visable. Font size should be bigger. Each award should be a seperate page so that each page can be handed to the person making the award. Sometimes we are able to get a judge that actually participated to give the award, this means they are doing it cold, so the text must be easy to read.
File Microsoft Word Document FLL official judges guide
File Microsoft Word Document FLL official ref guide

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