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ideas for a mission statement

pull together some ideas that might be used in a mission statement

Los Altos Robotics Mission: Facilitate learning about science and technology within a team environment.

The current embodiment is in supporting the FIRST Lego League (FLL) program and the Botball program for teams in and around Los Altos.

Because of the growth in the number of teams participating in these programs, a more formal organization is needed to provide year to year continuity and to establish a way for hard won insights to be passed on as teams and parents move on.

As more teams have become involved several things have become troublesome due to time or man power:
- FLL local competitions are too long, teams, volunteers and the audience are worn out.
- Building fields needs more man power
- Storage of fields in off season
- Storage and maintenance of robot kits in the off season.

Team Development:
- Make it known to students the right age that the FLL and Botball programs exist and that teams are forming (fall for FLL and the year end for Botball)
- Help teams form by providing information and encouragement
- Help isolated students locate a team
- Help teams without coaches locate one.
- Help train and support new coaches
- Make play fields available

Web site Development:
- Provide information links
- Help full hints for coaches, drawing from Michael Schuh’s existing information
- Provide a way that interested students can make contact to find or start a team.
- Announcements about local scrimmage and competitions.
- Post results of scrimmage and competitions
- Post information about other Bay Area local competitions.
- Notices about results of state competitions etc.
- Archive

Management of Local Scrimmage/Competitions:

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