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developing event schedules

try to extract a public/spectator schedule from the past event schedules.
For a spectator schedule, start at opening ceremony and end 30 minutes after the award ceremony starts.

Spectator Schedule for Scrimmage:
1:30 PM Opening Ceremony
4:15 PM Start Awards Ceremony
4:45 PM Finish Awards Ceremony

Spectator Schedule for Tournament:
1:15 PM Opening Ceremony
5:10 PM Start Awards Ceremony
5:40 PM Finish Awards Ceremony

Document at /Main/FLL/Resources/2005/AnnouncementScrimmageFinal.html

  • Sunday October 16 at Oak Avenue and Covington Elementary Schools  - Scrimmage: A scrimmage is a fun event where teams get together and run their robots against each other.  At a scrimmage, the teams will be able to get an idea as to how well they are doing relative to other teams and benefit from a cross pollination of ideas.  Because the Scrimmage happens half way through the season, most teams will only be able to run a few of the missions.  They will also be able to continue working on their robots during the event.  There will be up to twelve teams participating at each of the two locations.  Here is a tentative schedule:
      12:45 Room and table set up.
       1:30 Opening ceremonies – Presenting the colors and sing Star Spangled Banner.
       1:35 Game description -  Go over the rules for the benefit of both the spectators and the team members and give a description of how the scrimmage will work.
       1:40 Team introductions.
       1:45 Teams sign-up on the scoring board and the matches begin.  We should be able to complete a 2.5 minute match and be ready for another match to start every six minutes.  With one competition table, this will allow for 10 matches per hour with 2 teams per match which will allow all of the teams to have plenty of opportunities to run their robots and watch other teams.
      2:45 Break
      3:00 Matches resume.
      4:00 The rounds end, award category winners are determined, and the certificates are completed.  Teams can start to pull their materials together while this is being done.
       4:15 Announce the winners.
       4:25 Ask for volunteers to put on the November 19 Local Competition.
       4:30 Thank volunteers and Blach Intermediate School.  Take down the room.
       5:00 Depart.

Document at /Main/FLL/Resources/2005/FinalLocalCompEmail.html

  • Saturday November 19 at Oak Avenue and Covington Elementary Schools - Local Competition:   Each of these locations is where 11 and 12 teams will compete against each other and certificates will be given for the many different categories.  Judges will be observing and speaking to each team during the tournament.  Descriptions of the judging categories are in the FLL Team Manual and on the FLL website. Some of the participating teams will qualify to participate in the Northern California State competition and the rest of the teams will be finished with competing in the 2005 FLL season.  Here is a tentative schedule for the Oak School Tournament.  The Covington School Tournament will be similar.
    • 12:30 Room and table setup.
      1:15   Opening ceremonies
      1:20   Introduction to the FIRST program and all the teams.  Overview of the rules.
      1:35   Round A (28 Minutes for 4 matches)
      2:03   Round B (35 Minutes for 5 matches)
      2:38   Break (10 Minutes)
      2:48   Round C (28 Minutes for 4 matches)
      3:16   Round D (30 Minutes for 5 matches)
      3:46   Botball Robotics Demonstration (20 Minutes)
      4:06   Round E (30 Minutes for 6 matches)
      4:36   Introduction of each team and presentation of participation award.  Teams bring up their robots for group photo.
      4:50   Robot demonstrations by best performing and note worthy robots as selected by Tournament Director and Head Judge.  At the same time the Judges will meet and determine award category winners and the Award Certificates will be completed.
      5:05   Group Robot Picture - All robots on the playing field for pictures.
      5:10   Announce the winners and thank the volunteers.
      5:30   Ask for volunteers to put on next year’s Los Altos FLL Program. Thank volunteers and Blach and Oak Schools.  Announce that all are welcome at the Nov 29 Los Altos FLL Board of Director’s Meeting at 7:30 PM at St. Tim’s Church at Grant and Cuesta.  Take down the room.
      6:00   Depart

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