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history notes

collection of bits of historical info

early history of FLL program in Los Altos (1999)

From: on behalf of Michael Schuh []
Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 2:40 PM
To: Michael Schuh; NCaFLL
Subject: Re: [NCaFLL] Re: Clarification regarding sales and services from Robotics Learning on NCaFLL

I fully agree with Dakin. I started in FLL in 1999 and way back then we had to do everything from scratch. It was a huge amount of work. Once I had our TigerBots team up and running, I figured out that there were no competitions to go to and I would have to work on making one happen. Steve Putz and Eva Carrender showed up with their team, pitched in, and together, we put on the first, in the Bay Area, FLL tournament in our Oak Avenue School elementary school multipurpose room. Steve and Eva went on to put on more tournaments and, most amazingly, the first Northern California State tournament. I bet that it was Steve that created this NCaFLL email list back in 2000. Everything I have seen Steve do through the years has benefited the FLL program in one way or another. I think the entire Bay Area FLL community is much better off with Steve providing us with his class, materials, and other services for very reasonable prices than if he stops doing so, and spends his time on other endeavors. So I hope that Steve will continue to stay involved with robotics and let us know about his classes, materials, and other services on this email list.

I am not related to Steve or do I see him on a regular basis. I have only interacted with Steve at tournaments and in communications in preparation for tournaments. All of these have contributed to my respect for and confidence in Steve.

Los Altos Robotics Tournament Director
FLL Coach since 1999

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