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Scrimmage Supply List for 2008

Supplies to take to the Local Scrimmage
2008 – for 24 teams we will need a lot more stuff than we used to.

o Calligraphy pens for filling in the certificates
o Blue tape for viewing lines around the playing field tables and for dividing pit
o White duct tape for taping up wire
o Red easy remove duct tape for taping wire to floor
o 25’ tape measure for measuring off where the blue lines go
o Scotch Tape for taping up scoring sheets
o Post these things on the bulletin board
o Scoring Poster for the teams and audience
o Announcements
o Schedule
o Volunteer list
o Team List
o Timer or stop watch with countdown feature or more
o String to tie off scoring pencils
o Fat pencils for scoring sheets on bulletin board
o Eraser for correcting bulletin board scoring sheets
o Sharpie marking pens .
o Microphone if not provided with P/A
o Windex & Towel for Cleaning the playing field tables
o Water for volunteers
o Power cords for wiring pit area – 26/28 pits – 1 100 ft 12 ga, 1 50’, 2 25’ extensions with splitters, 6 plug strips w/ 15’ cords, 6 plug strips w 8’ cords
o Flip numbers for keeping track of matches.

Supplies for the Referees and Judges:
o 8 Clipboards for referees to score on. (2 per 8’x8’ competition table and 2 extras)
o 100 Scoring sheets for the referees – 2 for each match 3*12 = 36 matches
o Marked sticks for determining if the robot is within the height limit
o Yellow Flags for the referees to drop when a robot has a bad start or is touched outside of base. Any bright color will work fine.
o Box of pencils

Supplies for the Score Keeper:

o White out tape (large width) to fix mistakes on the scoring poster
o Scissors
o Tape heavy masking or packing tape to attach the poster
o Sharpie marker-black
o Blank score sheets with space to record at least 7 matches for Scrimmage and 4 matches for Local Competition. One for each team to track their own scores
o Extension cord with multiple outlets - at least two.
o Laptop with mouse
o Laser printer, which was helpful since we could print corrections.
o HP Printer, paper, and printer cable for scoring computer


o Stanchions and chains to fence off competition tables 20 total for 8’ lengths.
o 24” risers – 2 for each set of competition tables – 6 total
o Tables –pit – 24x6’ = 15 8’ and 4 6’ tables, scoring – 2 8’ tables, judges need one table for each room 8 total, 3-4 more tables for info and posting.
o Chairs
o A/V system
o Music
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