TigerBots Email List

Information on how to join the TigerBots email list

The TigerBots Email List is used for all Los Altos Robotics announcements.  We send out announcements that help people form VEX IQ and FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams; learn about robotics scrimmages and competitions and how to sign up for them; and tell people about other youth robotics programs and events in the area.  Local coaches and robotics team members also use this list to seek robotics help and advice.  This is a low volume email list.  For those interested in joining a Botball team, team formation announcements are typically sent to the TigerBots list in the December and January time frame.  While most of the the list subscribers are from Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View, there are people on it from San Francisco to San Jose.  All people that are interested in youth robotics programs are welcome.

It is very helpful if at least one person from each family involved in VEX IQ or FLL in the Los Altos area joins the Los Altos Robotics TigerBots-LosAltosRobotics Groups.Google.com email list. Your email address will be kept private and not distributed outside of Los Altos Robotics Board of Directors.  

To subscribe, fill out and submit the TigerBots Email List Subscription Request form by clicking on the link or by using the form below.  IMPORTANT: Please include a brief description of why you want to join the email list in your form submission.

Once you have subscribed, you can find out more about the list and read archived messages at https://groups.google.com/g/TigerBots-LosAltosRobotics

Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to this list by sending an email to .

If you decide to unsubscribe from the TigerBots email list, follow the directions at the bottom of each message that is sent to you from the TigerBots email list or send an email to TigerBots-LosAltosRobotics+Unsubscribe@GoogleGroups.com.

Michael Schuh