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Image Folder

This is where we will keep the images for the web pages.
Image GIF image Contact Image Yellow
Michael @ Image with yellow background from
File GIF image LARat_ul_blue_t.gif
Transparent blue at with underline for hiding email addresses.
Image GIF image Contact "at" symbol
Contact "at" symbol used to avoid spammers from scraping email addresses out of the pages.
File GIF image LARat_blue_t.gif
Transparent Blue "at" sign for use in emails.
File GIF image LARat_t.gif
Transparent at sign used for hiding email addresses
File JPEG image chickenedOutTeamImage
File FLL
watching the Los Altos North bot display from 2005
File Dogbots
File SupersonicTurtles
File bot-display-2005
File robot-co-2005-web
File LegoLegendsWithTrophy
Lego Legends with 3rd place Directors Award trophy
File JPEG image LegoStars
File GIF image nano-quest-200x200
File JPEG image State-Jan09-LegoLords.jpg
Team photo of 2008 Lego Lords at NCaFLL
File JPEG image BionicBuilders-2006.jpg
The Bionic Builders Best Rookie Team in 2006
Image watm-geeksquad-2010
We Ate The Mat and Geek Squad at NorCalFLL 2010
Image 2010 Scrimmage Opening Ceremony
The Los Altos Robotics kicked off the 2010 scrimmage on October 17, 2010
Image object code 2012 FLL Senior Solutions Logo
Image JPEG image FLL_FoodFactorLogo_2011
FLL 2011 Challenge Logo
Image JPEG image VEX IQ Robots
Image JPEG image Botball
Image JPEG image FIRST High School Robotics

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