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End of 2009 season meeting notes

I took these notes at the meeting following the 2009 season. There were more views offered, but I did not get them. I think the meeting took place on December 1, 2009. Michael
  • Lightning Bolts won the Judges Choice Award
  • We had some warped competition tables (playing fields). We need to do a table inspection before the first match as part of the setup.
  • We fell behind schedule and caught up.
  • Eva understood the need to catch up and did a good job at it.
  • We need harder boundaries on the FRC demo. Those robots can be dangerous. It needs to be clear that we cannot have moving robots near kids. Kids do unexpected things and can get hurt. The FRC team needs to be told to keep the robot behind the edge of the FLL playing fields and if they don't do this, end the driving part of the demo.
  • It was very nice how Edmond invited up the past volunteer winners as he gave out the awards. We should do this every time.

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