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2005 files and resources. The files are sorted in date order with the newest one at the bottom of the page.
File PDF document Announcement2005_version1.6.pdf
2005 Los Altos Robotics FLL flier created by Edmond.
File PDF document FLL Parent orientation presentation, pdf
Parent orientation presentation minus tournamnet video
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation Austin and Travis Schuh's Deriving Consistency From LEGOs v3 with CR PowerPoint
Edmond Macaluso swapped in a picture of the simple robot in this version and then made the PDF from it.
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation FLL Parent orientation presentation, PowerPoint
fll parent orientation
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation Deriving Consistency From LEGOs v2 with Copyright.ppt. This is the version before Edmond added the graphic to the simple robot video.
Austin and Travis's presentation on robot building and programming recommendations and tips that they gained from their six years of experiences as members of several highly successful FLL teams.
File Microsoft WMV video TigerBots2003.wmv
Video of TigerBots First Place winning performance run at the 2003 California State Competition. Now available from Michael Schuh August 7, 2010.
File PDF document Austin and Travis Schuh's Deriving Consistency From LEGOs v3 with CR pdf
This is a PDF of the presentation that Austin and Travis Schuh gave at the September 10, 2005 Coaches Training session.
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation FLL_2005_Coaches_Training_V6.ppt
Training slides in PowerPoint Format. 155 KBytes.
File PDF document LosAltosFLL2005RefSheet_Version2p2.pdf
LosAltosFLL2005RefSheet_Version2p2.pdf Ref Sheet
File Microsoft WMV video FLL 2004 Austin and Travis TigerBots Video
Video that Austin and Travis made showing their team's complicated robot from the 2004 Northern California State Competition. Now available from Michael Schuh August 7, 2010.
File PDF document FLL_2005_Coaches_Training_pretty_V5.pdf
Gordon Elder's slides from the September 10, 2005 Coaches Training class.
File [ยทยทยท]
Announcement for 2005 Scrimmage
Announcement sent to TigerBots email list for the 2005 Scrimmage.
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p1.xls
2005 Scoring Spreadsheet
File PDF document FLL_2005_Coaches_Training_V6.pdf
Coaches Training in PDF format. 18 MBytes in size.
File email message FLL_2005_Coaches_Training_V6.mht
Coaches Training in Microsoft HTML format. 689 KBytes in size.
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventAnnouncements_v05p2.doc
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p10.xls
LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p10.xls Version to be used for the November 19, 2005 Oak School Local Competition.
Final Announcement sent to the Los Altos Robotics TigerBots email list before the Scrimmage.
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation Scrimmage_Certificates_v05p3.ppt
Scrimmage_Certificates_v05p3.ppt Scrimmage Ceritificates File
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation LocalComp_Certificates_v05p5.ppt
File Microsoft Word Document FLL_Announcement_2005_Scrimmage_1.4.doc
Announcement sent to the Town Crier and Los Altos School District Frequent Flier.
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventSchedule_v05p2.doc
File Microsoft Word Document FeedbackFrom2004FLLSeason_V1.3_04Dec04.doc
File PDF document MatchPairings.pdf
File Microsoft Word Document FLL_Announcement_2005_Local_Comp_1.7.doc
Announcement sent to Los Altos Town Crier Newspaper.
File PDF document LosAltosFLL2005OakRefSheet_Version2p11.pdf
Scrimmage Announcement sent to Los Altos School District for distribution to the students in the Frequent Flier.
File PDF document LosAltosFLL2005Covington-score-sheet.pdf
Announcement for the November 19, 2005 Local Competitions sent to the Los Altos School District for inclusion in the Frequent Flier.
File MatchTimes.perl
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation LocalComp_TeamHandout_v05p2.ppt
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p11.xls
File Microsoft Word Document TeamNamesPostersPrintOak.doc
File Microsoft Word Document TeamNamesPostersOakMailMerge.doc
File Microsoft Word Document TeamNamesParticipationAwardCommentsOakMailMergePrint.doc
File Microsoft Word Document TeamNamesParticipationAwardCommentsOakMailMerge.doc
File Microsoft Word Document TeamNamesPostersTableOakData.doc
File JPEG image LocalCompGameDescriptionAndInformation_IMG_2458.jpg
File PDF document MatchTimes.pdf
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet TeamListAndVolunteers_clean05.xls
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventSchedule_v05p3.doc
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventAnnouncements_v05p3.doc
File JPEG image LocalCompetitionEventInformation_IMG_2460.jpg
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet RegisteredTeamsV1p11_16Oct05_cleaned.xls
Final Local Competition Email to TigerBots
This is the final email message that was sent to all of the Los Altos Robotics competition team members and families.
File Microsoft Word Document Scrimmage_EventPlanVersion1.3.doc
File Microsoft Word Document NominateVolunteer_Form.doc
File JPEG image LocalCompGameDescriptionAndInformation_IMG_2475.jpg
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventSupplies_Version1p5.doc
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventSupplies_Version1p6.doc
Message sent to coaches on Nov 10 for Nov 19, 2005 competition.
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation LocalComp_TeamHandout_v05p4.ppt
LocalComp_TeamHandout_v05p4.ppt - Updated 11/13/5 to fix spelling of November at the bottom. Thank you Dave.
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventAnnouncements_v05p4.doc
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p13.xls
Score Sheet. Updated "Ref Sheet" to fix a missed fill of yellow in sub mission. Nov 15, 2005
File Microsoft PowerPoint presentation LocalComp_TeamHandout_v05p3.ppt
File Microsoft Excel spreadsheet LosAltosFLL2005ScoreSheet_Version2p12.xls
File Microsoft Word Document LosAltosLocal19Nov2005FinalAwardsAndScoresOak.doc
File used to summarize the awards for the Oak Avenue School Local Competition. 11/22/5
File JPEG image LocalCompetitionEventInformation_IMG_2473.jpg
File Microsoft Word Document OCEAN_ODYSSEY_REF_GUIDE_FINAL_2005.doc
Referee Training Guide created by Scott Evans for the 2005 season. Posted with Scott's permission. Scott Evans is and has been the FLL game creator since the beginning of FLL.
File Microsoft Word Document LosAltosLocal19Nov2005FinalAwardsAndScoresCovington.doc
File used to summarize the awards for the Covington School Local Competition. 11/22/5
Comments on Judging By Fred
Fred Rose is the Program Director from the Minnesota FLL program with over 200 teams and he wrote these comments on judging after some of their 2005 regional qualifying tournaments. I have many of the same feelings, concerns, and thoughts that Fred describes in his message. I think it would be helpful if everyone took the time to read what Fred wrote and think about what he has said. I have immense respect for Fred and appreciate his contribution to FLL and him taking the time to write up his comments.
File Microsoft Word Document LocalComp_EventSupplies_v05p7.doc
Updated supplies list. 11/22/05
MN Program Competition Coaching Question and Answers
This is a MN FLL coach's response to some questions about how to help a team deal with tough competition situations.

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