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msg: judges welcome, request contact and bio

This message is sent to judges, to thank them, give more details and ask for contact info, and a little background to help assign judging rolls send with subject: "LEGO judges: a request for info" (people get a lot of email, several have said that they need something like LEGO in the subject so that they don't just filter it out)
Hi FLL Judges,
First, let me thank you for volunteering to be a judge at our robot competitions.
I hope you will find it interesting and rewarding. I think that you will also have some fun.
All that you need to bring is a watch, the scheduling is rather tight and it will be important to keep to the schedule.
I need some information from each of you:
    - best email contact address
    - best phone number to reach you
    - a little education or work background information to help me assign judging tasks
    - how would you like to be introduced? (e.g. John Doe, support supervisor at Doesoft)
Could you please send the information in a reply to this message?
You will not need to do any work before you arrive at 12:00 (noon).  The first hour will be for training and familiarization with the judging materials that we will provide.  Your actual work as a judge will conclude by 4:00 PM, and you can leave then if you need to do so.  If you are able to stay longer, we would really appreciate it if you  might hand out the awards that you judged and say something about the winning teams.  This year, we have arranged the competition schedule so that the Judges will be able to watch a full set of competition rounds and see the teams in action.  We will also have a demonstration by the Mountain View FIRST High School Robotics team and demonstrations by the best FLL teams.  In short, it is going to be a fun day of robotics for the teams and the judges.
We will introduce the Judges during the opening ceremony

Here is a little more information about this year's FLL competition.  The FLL challenge this year is called “Ocean Odyssey” and addresses how robots can be used to tackle challenges of our oceans’ health, bio diversity, and productivity.  The details are available at .  The award categories that will be judged are described at .

The Los Altos Local competitions will take place in the Multi Purpose rooms at Covington Elementary School which is located at 205 Covington Road, Los Altos, CA 94024 and at Oak Avenue Elementary School which is located at 1501 Oak Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94024.  The Multi Purpose rooms face the parking lots at both schools and are easy to locate once you are at the schools.  Here are links to Google maps for Covington Elementary School and Oak Avenue Elementary School.
Please email or phone (home 650-968-4026 or cell 650-722-2128) me ASAP if you have any conflict.
We will send another message next week with further details.
Dave Lordemann
Los Altos Robotics
Judge Advisor / Los Altos Competition
650 968-4026

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