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Tournament Schedule 2007

The Los Altos Robotics tournament is being held at Blach Intermediate School. The scrimmage was successfully held on October 21 in the Multi-Purpose Room at Blach. The teams and the organizers obtained experience in participating in a single large tournament.

TOURNAMENT - Local Competition
Saturday December 2 at Blach Intermediate School

The tournament is where up to 26 teams will compete against each other and certificates will be given for the many different categories. Judges will be observing and speaking to each team during the tournament. Descriptions of the judging categories are in the FLL Team Manual and on the FLL website. Some of the participating teams will qualify to participate in the Northern California State competition and the rest of the teams will be finished with competing in the 2007 FLL season. Here is the schedule:
10:30 Room setup by advance party.
12:30 Team check-in. Competition and practice table setup. Teams set up their pit area.
1:00 Opening ceremonies
1:05 Introduction to FIRST and all the teams. Overview of the rules
1:20 Round A (50 minutes)
2:10 Round B (50 minutes)
3:00 Break. (25 minutes) Demonstration by FIRST High School or Botball Robotics teams.
3:25 Round C (35 minutes) Judging continues till 4:15
4:00 Round D (55 minutes)
4:55 End of matches. Introductions of each team and presentation of participation award. Teams bring up their robots for the group photo. Judges will meet and determine award catagory winners. Cerificates are prepared.
5:15 Robot demonstrations by best performing and note worthy robots.
5:30 Announce the winners
5:45 Ask for volunteers for next year. Thank volunteers and Blach School.
5:50 Take down the room
6:00 Depart
6:30 Tear down squad closes the building.

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