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This is the folder where we keep resources from the 2006 season. This includes announcement, training materials, and competition materials. The newest files are at the bottom.
File PDF document Los Altos Robotics 2006 flyer 1.3
The 2006 one-page flyer was used to advertise the Los Altos Robotics 2006 First Lego League program. 9/24/06
File PDF document FLLpres_LAR_060812
This is the presentation that was used at the Los Altos Robotics parent orientation meeting on September 5, 2006. 9/24/06
File PDF document FLL_2006_Coaches_Training_V4_final.pdf
September 10, 2006 Coaches Training: The three hours of Coaches training for coaches, assistant coaches and team managers was packed with lots of tips and information to get teams started on the right track. There was material for both new teams and experienced teams. Gordon Elder lead this session with a set of slides. 9/15/06
File PDF document FLL_2006_Coaches_Training_V4_finalBW.pdf
Black and White version of FLL_2006_Coaches_Training_V4_finalBW.pdf for black and white printers and those who don't want to use a lot of color ink. 9/15/06
File PDF document Deriving_Consistency_from_LEGOs_NXTv2_forWeb.pdf
Austin and Travis presented robot building and programming recommendations and tips (6.5 MByte MHT) that they gained from their six years of experiences as members of several highly successful FLL teams. They updated their 2005 presentation to include materials on the MINDSTORMS NXT robot kit in addition to the MINDSTORMS RCX robot kit. 9/15/06
File PDF document Deriving_Consistency_from_LEGOs_NXTv2_forWebBW.pdf
Black and White version of Deriving_Consistency_from_LEGOs_NXTv2_forWeb.pdf for black and white printers and those who don't want to use a lot of color ink. 9/15/06

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