Copy Los Altos Robotics Orientation and Training Presentations Archive

2005 Archive

  • August 2005 Announcement Flyer: The Los Altos Robotics 2005 First Lego League Flyer (PDF file) was used to advertise the availability of the FLL program to children in Los Altos. Feel free to distribute it to anyone you think might benefit from seeing it such as potential team members and coaches.
  • August 30 and September 6, 2005 Parent Orientation: Slides from (PDF file) Los Altos Robotics FLL Parent Orientation meeting that was held at Covington School.
  • September 10, 2005 Coaches Training: The three hours of Coaches training for coaches, assistant coaches and team managers was packed with lots of tips and information to get teams started on the right track. There was material for both new teams and experienced teams. Gordon lead this session with a set of slides that he, Sudip, and Michael presented from. We will post the slides from this presentation when they become available.

    Austin and Travis presented robot building and programming recommendations and tips that they gained from their six years of experiences as members of several highly successful FLL teams. The two videos from slides 17 and 18 are available from these next two links. The videos do not work in the PowerPoint file. You will probably want to watch these videos more than once so do a "save as" to your local computer and then watch them from there rather than downloading them multiple time. Slide 17 is a 62 MByte video from the 2003 team Travis was a member of that shows the teams winning run with a relatively simple robot in the 2003 Northern California State Competition. The first 2.5 minutes show the robot run and the last 1.5 minutes show part of the awards ceremony. Slide 18 is a 40 MByte video that Austin and Travis made showing their team's complicated robot from the 2004 Northern California State Competition. They won the Directors Award with this robot. Most teams are well advised to create simpler robots. With this advice in mind, it is still fun to watch the video to see what six year veterans can do with LEGOs. Someday they plan on adding more to the video to explain what is going on and why they did things the way they did.